About Sherlook Homes

At Sherlook Homes, we take pride in our home inspections.  Your new home purchase is also of concern to us and we want you to feel safe knowing that you have made the right choice, and that you won’t be surprised with any major home defects or gradual deterioration, which may have been in existence for many years.

Home ownership should be a positive experience. Unfortunately, the stress and anxiety of responding to sudden major structural home repairs often leads to undue hardship and escalation of insurance premiums.  We are here to help you.

Sherlook Homes follows the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice set out by Nachi, the National Association Of Home Inspectors.

Meet Nick Gomes

I was trained as a Telecommunication Engineer in England and worked with British Telecom, Bell Canada and CIBC. Over the years I assisted in the family home building business, gathering extensive experience, which I am now putting to use as a fully Certified Inspector.  I have skills in home decorating such as painting, wallpapering, ceramics, decks, fences, hardwood,  windows etc. I am trained and certified by 2 of the finest institutions and a member of two of the latest organizations geared for Professional Inspectors.